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KMSAuto Net Activator Download [New Version Released 2023]

Are you using Windows as your Operating System, but it requires a license to use all the features? If so, then KMSAuto Net Activator is one of the best solutions that helps you with that.

The majority of people throughout the world prefer to use Windows over Linux, macOS, or any other Operating System. It is because using this Tool will provide you with a genuine license.

However, many people still aren’t aware of this Tool, so instead, they search for the license keys, which is quite a time-consuming and complex process because most of the keys are already used.

Therefore, keep with me until the end, as I will provide a complete guide on installing this software on your machine and its instructions.

What is KMS Auto Activator?

KMS Auto Activator is the Windows and Microsoft activation tool that provides a genuine license to users having Windows 8 or later. It is a free tool offered by Ratiborus, a developer on free forums.

The concept of this Tool is derived from the Microsoft technology known as Key Management Too short KMS. They provide this technology to the more prominent companies where they can activate their Operating System with a single click.

Unlike in the old times when they purchased the DVD copy of Windows for each machine separately, this new technology makes things easier by connecting all computers and is a lot cheaper.

Similarly, KMS Auto Activator does the same by installing an accessible server on a user’s computer that grabs free licenses from different sources. The support is genuine, unlike other tools that violate Microsoft’s terms; using this Tool will also Windows update, so you get the latest and the most stable version.

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Download KMSAuto Net Activator


As I mentioned earlier, the KMSAuto Net differs from the vital installation. It is because you first need to get the installable file of this Tool, and then you can use it on your machine.

This section will discuss how to download KMSAuto Net Activator through our website. This guide is for beginners who come here for the first time. If you are an old user, then you can skip this section.

Anyways, here are the instructions that can be followed:

  • First, click on the Download button that is provided below these instructions.
  • This will bring you to another page where you can read the Information about this Tool, like Size, Developer, etc.; scroll down and click on the Download Now button.
  • You will be redirected to another Mega website when clicking that button.
  • Once going there, you will get two options Import To (Mega) and Download in Browser.
  • After clicking on the Download in Browser, KMSAuto Net Activator will start downloading.
  • This will take a few seconds, and then the Tool will be Downloaded to the files.

Note: If you want to save the file from getting instantly in the future, click on Import To (Mega). If you don’t have a Mega account or you don’t want to save it, then click on Download in Browser.

The first step was completed as we successfully downloaded the KMSAuto Net Activator to our computer. Once downloaded, we need to install it by following the guide below.

How to Install KMSAuto Net in Windows

This Tool’s installation process Tooley more accessible than installing a license key. But still, there are a few things that you need to do before installing KMS Auto Net.

The first thing to do is disable the Windows Defender because Microsoft has blocked this Tool and MarketTools the Virus, which is an entirely lame excuse 😀

Therefore, the installation file will be deleted immediately if you extract this Tool when the AToolirus is on. That is why we need to disable the Antivirus before installing it.

Disable Windows Defender

This section will discuss how to disable Windows Defender, a built-in Antivirus from Microsoft. Therefore, if you are using a 3rd-party Antivirus, you must follow the instructions accordingly.

Okay, so here are the steps that can be followed:

1. First click on the Windows Start Menu in the right corner of the Taskbar.

Or you can click on the Windows Icon key from the keyboard.


2. Use the Search Option from Start Menu and type Windows Security.


3. Now hit Enter to open Windows Security Settings and select Virus & threat protection from the left panel.


4. Scroll down and click Manage Settings under Virus & threat protection settings.


5. After that, hit the toggle button under Real-time protection to turn it off.


6 After hitting the button, you will get the Prompt Windows; ignore the warning and click Yes or Okay.


This way, we have disabled the Antivirus successfully, and now it is time to install this Tool.

Install KToolto Net Activator

Now that the Windows Defender has been disabled, you need to disable another 3rd-party antivirus if you have any. After that, you can follow these installation instructions to install KMSAuto Activator.

1 Click on the User Name Folder from the Desktop to open My Documents.

2 After that, go to the Downloads folder where the file is downloaded.

3 You need to find the KMSAuto file you downloaded from the above link.

4 Now, right-click on the zip file and the Extract Here or Extract Files.


5 You will be asked for the password, so type 12345 and enter.


6 This will extract the file and create a new KMS Auto Net folder.

Now we are done with that because this Tool is portable,d there is no need for you to install it. It works right out of the box. Therefore, we need to learn how to use this Tool by followiToolhe the below.

How to Use KMSAuto Net

As I mentioned above, this Tool doesn’t retool any installation because it is a portable tool. Therefore we need to launch the app and then learn how to use it properly to avoid damaging our files.

Here is the step-by-step guide with screenshots on how to use KMSAuto Net:

Open the folder labelled KMSAuto Net, which we get after Extracting the zip file.


From here, right-click on the KMS Auto Net and then click on the Run as Administrator.


A prompt window will appear on the screen asking for confirmation. Just click Yes to launch the Tool.


Now that it has beenTToollauncheTool, you can see the Activation and the Information buttons.


Just click on the Activation button and if you want to learn about the specification of your system, then hit Information.

After selecting Activation, you will see two more Options, Activate Windows and Activate Office.


From here, click on the Activate Windows option, and then a prompt appears asking for the confirmation, so click Install.


Once the Activation has been completed, a window will appear with the title of KMSAuto Net, so ignore it and hit Okay.


Now your windows have been activated successfully. To see the changes, restart your device.

After restart, open My Computer > Right Click on empty are > select Properties > under Windows Activation, and see the label Windows Activated!


Activate Microsoft Office

By following the above steps, we have successfully activated Windows, and now that you are using Microsoft Office, you are in luck as this Tool offers theToolense for Office.

With the latest version of KMS Auto, you can now get the license for Microsoft Office 2016, which is impossible with the other tools available.

Anyways here are the steps that you can follow to activate MS Office:

1 Go to the KMSAuto Net folder and then find the KMSAuto Net.exe file.

2 Now right-click on the EXE file and then select Run as Administrator.

3 After that, a prompt window will appear, then hit the Yes button.

4 KMS Auto will be launched on your app, and click the Activation button.

Five click on the Activate Office to get the Activation.

6 Within a few seconds, you will receive a Notification from KMS Auto Net, so ignore it and click Okay.

That’s it, close the program and restart your device to see the Activation of Microsoft Office.

After restart, launch Microsoft Word or Excel > Go to File > Select Account from left-hand side > then under Activation, you will see the Product is Activated.

Features of KMSAuto Activator

KMSAuto Activator is one of the best Windows and Microsoft Office Activation tools because it offers many features that other tools don’t provide.

There are too many features, but we will discuss only the main segments that make this Tool different from Toolunique from other devices.

Here are the main features of KMSAuto Net Activator:

Multiple Version Support

This Windows activator is not limited to any specific version. Instead, you can use it for multiple versions of Windows. It can be used for Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, and Windows 10; the best part is that users can activate Windows 11 with it too.

Microsoft Office Activation

KMSAuto Net Activator can get the license for Microsoft Office too. It can work with all significant Office versions along with Office 2016; therefore, a user doesn’t need to have multiple tools for each product.

Portable Version

Most users are afraid of installing 3rd-party tools to their system, so unlike most devices, there is no installation required. This is an entirely portable activator that can be used right out of the box without having to compromise your security.

Easy To Use

One of the best things that makes it unique is that using this Tool is much bToolr and more manageable when you compare it with others. There is no installation process; you must follow other long steps because windows or Office will be activated with One Click.


Another feature worth mentioning is that the KMSAuto Net Activator is free from viruses, malware, or trojans. Virus Total has tested it with zero vulnerability, meaning complete peace of mind.

Permanent Activation

Some tools offer Activation that is not permanent; instead, their Activation lasts for 30 days, and you have to follow the steps again from scratch. But with this Tool, it is Tooleed to do that because the Activation is permanent once it is successful.

Auto/Manual Mode

With the help of this Tool, the user Toolchoose auto or manual mode depending on their needs. Auto Mode is more accessible and best for those who are not tech-savvy, whereas Manual Mode is for technical users only.

Free of Cost

KMSAuto Net Activator is considered the best because the Tool is entirToolfree of charge. You need to download it from our website and follow the installation instructions, and you are good to go.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now that I have already mentioned all the essential guides that you need to know for getting started, there are still a few things that people might need to know about KMSAuto Net.

Therefore to simplify things, I have collected some most asked questions from different Forums/Websites to avoid all those confusion and to provide helpful Information.

KMSAuto vs KMSpico?

KMSPico comes with a portable and installable version, while KMSAuto offers only the mobile version. Besides this, KMSAuto Net Activator lacks Win LTSC and doesn’t support Office 2019.

Is KMS activation permanent?

KMSAuto Net creates a file that automatically grabs the Activation from Microsoft Servers every 180 days. Therefore, if you need to keep using the activated version, you must connect to the internet once every 180 days.

KMSAuto vs KMSpico, which is best?

KMSPico is a lot better than the KMSAuto Net activator because it has various features like it supports license for Microsoft Office 2019 and is very easy to use.

Is KMSAuto Support windows 11?

Yes, KMSAuto can activate almost every version of Windows, including the Windows 11 Pro version. However, KMSPico offers a decent activation and offers several other features too.


Windows operating system is growing every day, most of the customers of Windows users are students, or it is being used in the Offices, big companies and so on.

However, it is quite an expensive operating system, and without a license, you lack many features like changing wallpaper, not getting Windows security updates, and many more.

This is where KMSAuto Net Activator plays a significant role by providing a genuine license to all Windows and Microsoft Office users.

It is a convenient tool that can be set up and used thanks instantly to its portable version and its ability to get a license with a single click.

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